📘9 chapters 🛠 5 templates & frameworks ⏱ 1 hour 🧑‍💻 100% on-demand 🧠 Access to content for life

Course overview.

Are you looking for a powerhouse strategic framework for a customer advocacy program, but don't have the time for a lengthy and disruptive process? Look no further!

Our Customer Advocacy Framework Advanced Micro course delivers the solution you need. Conveniently online and self-paced, it fits seamlessly into your schedule. You'll be amazed by the speed and efficiency of fast learning – enroll today, start tomorrow, and transform your organization the very next day. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your approach to customer advocacy!

Customer Advocacy Strategic Frameworks [AMC] badge
Customer Advocacy Strategic Frameworks [AMC] curriculum

By taking this Advanced Micro course you'll be able to:

🧱 Build
a successful strategic framework for your advocacy program.

✅ Complete short assignments that will help you identify best practices in cross-functional alignment.

📂 Access leading templates and frameworks to guide
your efforts.

📽️ View bonus footage from the CSC archives, providing additional insights and strategies.

🎖️ Learn from real-life case studies presented by a seasoned customer advocacy expert.

"Kevin Lau's done it again! Great certification program, short, direct, and packed full of great materials, tools, and samples. Perfect for the one-person shop, or professionals wanting to streamline programs for the best harmony within an organization. I recommend getting certified in Customer Advocacy Strategic Frameworks."

Barbara Thomas, Sr. Customer Advocacy Program Manager at Imprivata

Meet Kevin Lau.

Kevin Lau is
the Vice President of Customer Engagement at Freshworks, where his focus is on developing customer obsessed initiatives to support their entire journey with Freshworks from product adoption, retention, advocacy and ultimately creating customers for life. 

When we filmed the course Kevin was the Global Head of Customer Advocacy at Adobe where he was responsible for all aspects of driving customer engagement and advocacy across Adobe Experience Cloud.

He has received numerous awards and industry accolades including being featured in the TOP25 Customer Marketing & Advocacy Influencers (CMA), Advocate Marketer of the Year, Advocate Marketing Program of the Year, and Best in Class Customer Advocacy Programs to name a few.

Previously, Kevin worked for organizations including NetBase Quid, AOL, Google, and YouTube.

Kevin Lau
Customer Advocacy Strategic Frameworks [AMC] action shot

With this course, you'll discover how to:

Recognize the value of customer interviews and how to organize them to collect insightful feedback.

📖 Provide a centralized team covenant to create a strategic framework for customer advocacy that promotes cross-functional alignment and establishes definite objectives.

📈 Make use of your strategic framework to scale up without any problems, all before launching your viable program.

🛣️ Drive impact in the first 90 - 120 days using
your new roadmap.

"Once again Kevin Lau shares his in-depth and massively helpful experience with the Customer Marketing & Advocacy community. The frameworks included will help you implement changes across several areas of your program. You need this course alone for the internal alignment section."

Mary Green, Customer Marketing Community Freelancer

We do team rates too.

If you're looking to get a team of three or more certified, then speak to Matt about team rates on
[email protected].

P.S. If you need help convincing your boss, we've done the hard part for you.


Q: Who’s this Micro course for?

A: If you worked in customer facing roles like Customer Success, Support, or Customer Experience, you will LOVE this curriculum! This Micro course is for anyone who’s ready to master the art of customer advocacy and develop their own strategic framework along the way. 

Q: How does the Micro course work?

A: The Micro course is 100% online and entirely self-paced. Once you enroll, you’ll work through the chapters in chronological order and be invited to take part in activities. But don’t worry, there are no tricky exams at the end.

Q: How long will the Micro course take to complete?

A: In total, the content, bonus footage, and activities will take approximately around 1 hour to complete.

Q: How long will I have access to the micro-course content?

A: For life! A single one-off payment gives you unlimited access to all the content.

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